Survey Terms

Thank you for your interest in the NCRPP Survey of Practitioner Use of Research (SPUR). We have designed this instrument to capture key constructs from the literature on practitioners’ use of research. These constructs include instrumental, conceptual, and symbolic uses of research; district and department culture around research use; practitioners’ beliefs and attitudes about research; and practitioners’ knowledge of research methodologies. We hope you find it useful.

By downloading the survey instrument, you agree to follow our full Terms of Use. In brief, when adapting the survey to your needs, we ask that you neither make wording changes to individual items nor delete items from the sets intended to measure specific constructs (e.g., if the scale measuring instrumental use has 7 items, use all 7 items). You are free, however, to pick and choose among the sets of constructs on the survey, using only sets that you find helpful to your work. More information on our full Terms of Use, including additional conditions, can be accessed below.

If you have questions about either the SPUR instrument or our Terms of Use, please email Center Director Caitlin Farrell at

Download Terms of Use

We see this as an opportunity to contribute to the national discussion of research use.

Cynthia Coburn